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Building Powerful Enterprise Apps with Zero-Code is No Longer a Myth

True Zero-Code has Finally Arrived

For some time, the promise of rapid application delivery has been left to expensive BPM development platforms and low-code app studios that still require massive up-front capital investments, extensive training programs and hidden, long-term costs of ownership. The result is unwanted vendor lock-in with increasing capital expenditures and ongoing operations costs - the opposite of the promises of the rapid application development revolution. Till now, other zero-code app builders have been simple low-value content widgets or poor-performing non-native web applications. This all changes with TerraGo Magic.

5 Reasons for the Enterprise to Adopt Zero-Code



It's not just initial development costs that are dramatically lower with TerraGo Magic. Unless your mission is to be a commercial software company, developing custom mobile apps for the enterprise, or your customers, is full of hidden costs and complexities that extend far beyond version 1. For organizations and IT departments that want the absolute lowest cost of initial development and lifecycle ownership, with 100% transparent expenses today and in the future, TerraGo Magic provides the first rapid app solution that delivers on the zero-code promise without sacrificing robust functionality and integration.



Rapid methodologies arose from the frustration with traditional waterfall software development approaches which too often resulted in products that were out of date by the time they were delivered – not to mention difficult and costly to change. Today, getting from the drawing board to the app store can still take at least several months if not years whether utilizing traditional software development tools, rapid methodologies, BPM or low-code platforms. TerraGo Magic enables the creation of a fully-customized, native iOS, Android and web app, with branding and features you need in minutes. Plus with the TerraGo Magic app studio, you can iterate, modify and re-deploy at the speed of zero-code.



For many IT organizations, the personnel recruiting, development and retention challenge of traditional development skills have been replaced by a dependence on a single vendor platform and its complex set of tools. Whether business analysts or “shadow IT” or “citizen developers”, learning the process modeling and component configuration of a RAD, BPM or low-code platform requires extensive training. Over time, recruiting skilled personnel with the required platform experience can be more time-consuming and costly than traditional coding skills. Visual development tools remain just that - development tools. With TerraGo Magic, users are productive within minutes with a “click not code” app studio that lets them configure, build and deploy apps without proprietary platform training and specialization.

Open Web


While the largest rapid development products tether organizations to their BPM, CRM, GIS or other niche platform, TerraGo Magic offers an open alternative that lets you connect to any and all of these enterprise systems…and more. Because TerraGo Magic was designed from the ground up to be open solution, the IT department or system integrator doesn't have to choose between the operations division, or sales or the GIS team. TerraGo Magic lets you build mobile workforce solutions that are independent of the platform - so you can deliver solutions that meet the needs of your enterprise not your big software vendors.



With a zero-code platform, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and develop the world’s one millionth online map feature for iOS and Android. You choose from hundreds of powerful native features that have been developed, tested, debugged, field-tested and operationally-proven under fire by thousands of customers around the world. Need customization? It’s built-in. A zero-code platform is designed to be tailored to your business, process, workflow and data requirements. So stop building custom apps from scratch. Leave the coding and the testing behind. And start enjoying customizable, proven iOS, Android and web features.