Magic for the Platform

Unleash Customer Apps, Maximize the Value of Partner Networks and Win an Increasingly Mobile User Base

Moving Beyond Cloud 1.0

It’s no longer sufficient for platforms to provide “one-size fits all” web or mobile apps. Your customers want custom apps AND all the benefits of the cloud. They want rapid development tools and scalable platform services. That’s Cloud 2.0. If you can’t give it to them, they’ll find it elsewhere. Fortunately, there’s a zero-code capability you can add to your existing platform today.

5 Reasons to Add Zero-Code to Your Platform


Lower Costs and Risk

Platform providers face a challenging and expensive landscape when it comes to reengineering their platform for custom app services. Providing component-based development and cloud-enabled platform services can feel like an impossible endeavor for many vendors. Depending on their software architecture, it means a costly investment to rehost, revise, or rebuild… or be replaced. Even with sufficient time and capital, success is far from guaranteed. With TerraGo Magic, there’s another option that lowers cost and eliminates risk by wrapping the platform with proven features and services. TerraGo Magic enables any platform, any architecture (desktop, server, cloud) with field-tested, customer-deployed Cloud 2.0 rapid development tools and cloud platform services.


Accelerate Time to Market

When you OEM TerraGo Magic, you’re integrating a zero-code platform that helps you meet the demand for custom apps and a comprehensive platform-as-a-service. You take your platform to “Cloud 2.0” in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take to revise or rebuild your platform. When your customers and partners can build unlimited apps that leverage your platform, they increase the value of your platform to their customer ecosystems…and far beyond. When you show customers a cloud strategy in the form of PowerPoint slides, it encourages them to evaluate competitive platforms. When you offer a zero-code platform, it gives them a strategic advantage that slashes their time-to-market from months to minutes.


Monetize your Partner Network

TerraGo Magic provides a way to give your partners a mobile app building factory that adds long-term value and revenue streams to your platform. When your partners can build and sell their own branded, customized apps, it extends your platform to industries and markets not otherwise achievable with traditional, centralized, top-down product strategies. Over time, the growth of digital transformation and enterprise mobility programs means your platform is positioned reap the benefits of these market drivers and IT investments. Suddenly, your platform offers solutions you couldn’t have imagined. But your partners did. After all, it’s their business.

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Achieve New Platform Gravity

Some call it “platform stickiness” while the hipper term might be “platform gravity”. Either way, it’s a force multiplier for the value of your platform. When you unleash custom app development by armies of end users, you break through the traditional adoption barriers for your technology. You solve your customers’ biggest challenges. As your platform’s ability to attract masses of new users grows, so does the hold of your existing customer base. That’s new platform gravity. When your customers can develop custom apps at 90% lower costs while getting them to market in days not months, you’ve become more than a platform; you’ve become a strategic partner and that’s a win/win for both parties.


Enable Enterprise Mobility

There is a massive, untapped and under-served market for enterprise mobility. With 3 billion global workers, 2.5 billion have never had IT that helps them do their job. According to Emergence Capital, this market opportunity is at least over $100 billion annually. But the opportunity only exists if you can extend your platform beyond the office walls with enterprise-grade, mobile collaboration solutions. There are massive workforces left behind with pent up demand in industries like energy, construction, utilities and agriculture. Custom apps can bridge the technology gap for the first time. With a workforce trained in their use and no hard-wired infrastructure, zero-code apps can take organizations where traditional IT could never get, at a fraction of the cost.